sherwood sustainability and environmental associates about us

About Us

From policy to practice:

delivering rural sustainability

                   Our team of rural sustainability consultants have a proven track record
                                  spanning policy creation through to practical delivery

What we do

Our experienced staff and associates cover mainly rural communities and environments, offering a range of disciplines in the following areas:

  • Strategic environmental assessment and sustainability appraisals
  • Environmental impact assessment and BREEAM
  • Ecology and conservation
  • Estate management
  • Natural resource management
  • Agri-environment schemes
  • Community engagement
  • Education and training
  • Research and feasibility
  • Project management and fundraising

Core principles

We pride ourselves on our ethical and environmentally responsible approach to our services. This is achieved by adhering to our principles that sustainable development is a core philosophy and that our activities will result in environmental, social and economic benefits.


Our Approach

Our success is by understanding the needs of our clients, whilst still providing solutions that are thorough and well thought out. We are committed professionals who are dynamic and energetic in nature and can respond quickly to our clients and deliver our services effectively and efficiently.

Sustainable Land Trust


We support the work of the Sustainable Land Trust, often working hand in hand to deliver sustainable solutions on the ground.

The Sustainable Land Trust is a not for profit organisation that promotes the benefits that ecosystems  provide for society. By integrating the functions that our land and natural resources provide, they aim to influence and address:

  • how our land is planned and managed,
  • the need to reduce biodiversity loss,
  • the vulnerability of non-renewable natural resources,
  • issues of climate change and flooding,
  • the human impacts on the natural environment,
  • ecosystem services and their value to society,
  • the need for greater awareness and education,
  • and the emerging sectors of carbon and biodiversity accounting and offsetting.

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